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Company News Responsive

Price: 0.00 EUR - Added on: 2014.03.02 | Total views: 3298free
This Joomla Template is a modern responsive theme built for Joomla! sites that need to be compatible with mobile devices. The mobile menu is included and is compatible with touch screens. Using Joomla backend you can easily specify template settings like logo, site title, etc. This theme is built with HTML5 / CSS3 tecnologies and it's suitable for any clean and cool website who wants to create a simple perfect and elegant design. Main features are: ...

Corners Banner

Price: 25.00 EUR - Added on: 2013.06.30 | Total views: 13442
With Corners Banner you can easily place virtually everything at the corner of your site applying a page peel effect on it! Multiple instances are supported so that you can use up to all 4 corners of your pages! See now impressive DEMO! Corners Banner is a revolutionary way to place not only simple banners but really all type of elements at the corner of your pages applying page peel effect. You could also build a real innovative site based on opening peel pages! But you can also pla...

Empty Spaces Responsive

Price: 0.00 EUR - Added on: 2014.03.06 | Total views: 2212free
Empty Spaces Template can be adapted easily to any type of contents that need to be delivered to any devices, having a clean and easy layout. With this new responsive template your content will be rendered correctly on any device screen and resolution. Moreover the responsive dropdown menu is included and supports submenu items. Using Joomla backend you can easily specify template settings like logo, site title, etc. This theme is built with HTML5 / CSS3 tecnolo...

Fast Social Share

Price: 0.00 EUR - Added on: 2012.09.03 | Total views: 50464free
Embed social share buttons without affect site performance! Manage automatically Open Graph tags from articles text! Fast social share buttons is a powerful plugin that allow you to display social share buttons for most social network like twitter, facebook, google, pinterest, linkedin without slow down your site performance and avoiding to irritate users. Fast social share is the first Joomla! extension plugin written entirely in optimized way so that site performance will rem...

Instant Facebook Login

Price: 39.00 EUR - Added on: 2014.07.21 | Total views: 18796
Adding a social login, registration and social features to your Joomla! site has never been so easy thanks to Instant FBLogin. It's the easiest and cheapest extension to add the ability to login in few seconds using Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts! Click here to watch the video gallery! Using Instant FBLogin you won't lose anymore users that left your site annoyed by creating a new account to register by scratch. Integrate a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter a...

Instant Paypal

Price: 0.00 EUR - Added on: 2013.01.03 | Total views: 34055free
Instant Paypal is the simplest way to transform your Joomla! CMS into a poweful ecommerce that allows you to start selling your products in a snap. Instant Paypal Pro Shop has been designed to be a powerful, easy and complete shop solution to manage every aspect of an ecommerce platform such as products, categories, orders, customers, coupon codes and much more. Forget complex ecommerce solutions that require hours for the setup, with Instant Paypal Pro Shop you have exactly a streamline...


Price: 49.00 EUR - Added on: 2012.12.05 | Total views: 34177
JCHATSOCIAL IS AN AWARD WINNING CHAT SOFTWARE FOR JOOMLA!® It's a powerful chat and videochat system to communicate with other users on your site, valid on how many domains you want and without subscriptions! You won't find such a powerful chat extension at this price! It's the only extension that offers peer-to-Peer HTML5 videochat™ in HD and the Skype bridge™ to route calls to Skype application! JChatSocial can be installed on every Joomla! site and may be the perfect completion to your...

JRealtime Analytics

Price: 49.00 EUR - Added on: 2013.01.03 | Total views: 28397
JRealtime Analytics is a new and complete stats solution for Joomla! sites that integrates with every installed extensions without the need of additional plugins! With JRealtime Analytics you will be able to track every single click or visited page on your site without need of complex integration with 3PD services like Google Analytics! Moreover thanks to the new technology Universal Events Tracking System ™, it's capable to integrate with every installed extensions, so you can track virtua...


Price: 29.00 EUR - Added on: 2015.08.12 | Total views: 4139
JRedirects finally makes it possible to manage redirects from old to new links automatically! It's a revolutionary way to break with the past when you needed to map old links to new ones! With JRedirects everytime that you change a menu or article alias or you change the structure of menu items, the old links are automatically mapped to the new ones under the hood. There are no actions required on your part, the plugin will work seamlessly to redirect automatically users and searc...


Price: 49.00 EUR - Added on: 2012.06.05 | Total views: 72678
JSITEMAP IS AN AWARD WINNING SITEMAP SOFTWARE FOR JOOMLA!® JSitemap offers an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap contents without need of additional plugins! Compatible with whatever Joomla! extensions you need! Increase number of links indexed by Google up to 400%! The Wizard and the SQL Query Compiler™ allow you to embed in your sitemap items from 3PD extensions just with one click, and with Inversion of Control™ now are you that go to search engines to shout: "...