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Extensions for responsive design are very important because the number of users that visit websites through smartphones and tablets is on the rise and offering a mobile version of your Joomla website is important for your online business.

Using a component to make your site responsive is currently the most easy solution because you can reach an optimal result without change your desktop template. Thanks to an advanced responsive component and plugin you can build a perfect mobile version of your site that users can navigate using mobile devices.

Joomla responsive extensions: responsive components and extensions for Joomla

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Price: 59.00 USD
Responsivizer the Awesome is a full solution to make MOBILE RESPONSIVE your Joomla! site in few easy steps. It's the most cheapest, complete and easy solution to have a mobile site, so GO MOBILE NOW! Building a mobile version of your site has never been so easy, and no more need to start a new site from scratch! WE ARE THE NO.1 MOBILE SOFTWARE FOR JOOMLA! Make your Joomla site displaying and performing great on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and mobile devices. You can build...

Visual Template Studio

Price: 35.00 USD
Visual Template Studio is a dream come true for every Joomla! user, finally 2 powerful dashboards to manage modules and templates styles using a visual environment! Arrange modules and styles in your template the way it should be, now it's a breeze! Visual Template Studio is a dream for Joomla! users making it possible to edit styles for every single element on pages using a visual environment. GET IT NOW AT SPECIAL PRICE! Save your time once you start using it you won't be able to t...