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Sometimes having a complex component to manage ecommerce on your Joomla website is not really needed, and it can be enough having a simple and quick system to start selling products. If this is your case, you can find Instant Paypal the best solution among Joomla plugins to integrate Paypal buttons directly inside your Joomla contents.

Instant Paypal for Joomla let you embed Paypal buttons quickly and easily using Joomla plugins syntax, you can start selling products without additional resources. Moreover it's a best approach for SEO, because your products will be directly indexed by search engines.

Joomla ecommerce plugins: start selling products in a quick and easy way

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Instant Paypal

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Instant Paypal is the simplest way to transform your Joomla! CMS into a poweful ecommerce that allows you immediatly start to sell products inside Joomla! contents. With electronic products in mind, Instant Paypal Professional has been designed to redirect customers to specific pages after payment, so that merchants can show links to make possible instant download! And all this with a Joomla! extension plugin! Instant Paypal 5 5 78 Instant Paypal ...