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Instant Paypal is a plugin to integrate Joomla and PayPal , which allows you to transform your website from a brochure site into a powerful e-commerce, where you will be able to sell products through PayPal checkout. Using this plugin, thanks to a fast configuration, you are ready with your e-commerce website in less than 5 minutes after installation. The professional version is ideal for electronic products, because it allows you to redirect customers to a landing page where they can download files after the payment. With only a single Joomla PayPal plugin you have all needed tools to start your online business.

Instant Paypal: Paypal Joomla plugin to create an e-commerce site

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    Basic way to trasform your Joomla! CMS in a simple ecommerce with essential functionalities
    • Multiple Paypal button types
    • Sell multiple products
    • Currency settings
    • CSS customizable style
    • Extended product info for users
    • Choose Paypal button size
    • Set target window
    Price: 0.00 USD
    Powerful way to embed in your Joomla! CMS a real ecommerce with advanced functionalities
    • Merchant email notify for orders
    • Customizable order form for users
    • Electronic products capable
    • Taxes management
    • Shipping management
    • Item quantity field
    • Open cart in float window
    Price: 20.00 USD
Instant Paypal is the simplest way to transform your Joomla! CMS into a poweful ecommerce that allows you immediatly start to sell products inside Joomla! contents.
With electronic products in mind, Instant Paypal Professional has been designed to redirect customers to specific pages after payment, so that merchants can show links to make possible instant download! And all this with a Joomla! extension plugin!
Instant Paypal 5 5 78
Instant Paypal Instant Paypal
5 5 78
Instant Paypal is the simplest way to trasform your Joomla! CMS in a powerful ecommerce with advanced functionalities to sell eletronic products