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Instant Paypal Professional Instant Paypal Professional
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Instant Paypal Professional is the simplest way to trasform your Joomla! CMS in a powerful ecommerce with advanced functionalities to sell eletronic products
Price: 20.00 USD

Instant Paypal Professional is the simplest way to trasform your Joomla! CMS in a powerful ecommerce with advanced functionalities.
Just the perfect tool to sell eletronic products that users can access immediatly after payment!

With this simple plugin your Joomla! CMS will gain ecommerce functionalities, integrating contents with Paypal payments system. The plugin follow a simple syntax to embed products directly in Joomla! contents, for example:

Between the 2 tags placeholder you can insert many product details to configure what and how you want to sell the single product.You can do this for example with a tag like this:
{instantpaypal} price= 30, productname= DemoProductxxx1 {/instantpaypal}

As you can see you can specify many details for product, that will override the default settings global to all products as specified in plugin configuration parameters:
  • action - Action for paypal button(this is also the type of button generated)
  • productname - Name of the product
  • price - Price for product you want to sell
  • showquantity - Choose the quantity through input field
  • taxamount - Tax amount if needed
  • taxtext - Tax label text
  • taxtype - Tax type to be applied
  • shippingamount - Shipping amount if needed
  • shippingtext - Shipping label text
  • shippingtype - Shipping type to be applied
  • returnurl - Return url after payment
With electronic products in mind, Instant Paypal Professional has been designed to redirect customers to specific pages after payment, so that merchants can show links to make possible instant download!
You can specify a different returning page for every product, so that if you sell electronic products you can prepare pages containing for example download link to be displayed by customer once Paypal payment has been completed..
With Instant Paypal Professional will be possible opening cart in separated floating window so that users will remain on your site during the purchase steps. This ensure better integration of cart inside your site, calling Paypal functionality only when needed.
Product features
  • productfeatureEmail alerts

    Seller will receive email alerts for every ordered product optionally with user data.

  • productfeatureTax and shipping

    Set the tax and shipping amount for products to be applied.

  • productfeatureProducts quantity

    Let customers choose how many products they want to buy.

  • productfeatureShow order form

    Show to users a quick form to insert their data only before first order placed.

  • productfeatureRedirect urls

    Specify for every single product the url on your site showed after payment, ideal for electronic products.

  • productfeatureMobile devices support

    Gain orders from every device allowing mobile users to place orders in every moment.

Install plugin and you are done!
Simply install plugin with your Joomla! extension installer and once activated you will be able to start sell products!
Only few minutes to transform your Joomla! CMS ecommerce capable!

You can configure plugins settings to suit your needs, and override the settings for every single products.
Moreover in the same article you can insert more than one product with the associated button setted as you want.
product screen product screen product screen
Price: 20.00 USD