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JSitemap Professional Edition

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JSitemap Professional Edition JSitemap Professional Edition
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JSitemap offers an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap contents without need of additional plugins! It supports images sitemap and google news sitemap also splitting of sitemap.
Price: 49.00 USD

JSitemap Professional Edition is the most powerful component for sitemap management among the whole Joomla! community!

JSitemap Professional Edition has unique features that let you generate different types of sitemap to gain top level SEO performance for your site. It works on every environment supporting fine tuning for server load resources and caching system during generation of sitemaps.
You can increase number of links indexed by Google up to 400% and gain a lot more visibility for your site!

JSitemap Professional Edition supports generation of:

  •Standard XML sitemap
  •Images XML sitemap
  •Google News XML sitemap
  •Mobile XML sitemap

Multiple sitemap types generation allows your site to gain more visibility and better SEO positioning, otherwise impossibile to reach with other Joomla! extension for sitemap management.

Sitemap gets generated in realtime based on your content changes, so that when you edit your site contents it will automatically affect sitemap. Moreover submitting links for dynamic sitemap generation for example to Google Webmaster Tools it will automatically fetch the most updated sitemap and you are done!
Product features
  • productfeatureNo plugins required

    You don't need specific plugins to embed items from various components into sitemap

  • productfeatureOne-click Wizard

    Get contents for sitemap from 3PD extensions with just one click through automated wizard and SQL Query Compiler™

  • productfeatureInversion of Control™

    Don't wait search engines come to you, be you to submit your links to search engines through Ping-O-Matic Web service!

  • productfeatureImages sitemap

    Generate images sitemap for your site for best SEO performance

  • productfeatureGoogle news sitemap

    Generate sitemap for Google News and let your site increase visibility

  • productfeatureStats and charts

    Sitemap XML is formatted in user friendly way and shows stats and charts about links

  • productfeatureMultiple templates

    HTML sitemap can be styled choosing from multiple available templates

  • productfeatureSEO control panel

    Easy SEO panel let you submit sitemaps, manage robots.txt and more. Just one click is enough, invaluable tool for not expert people

  • productfeatureMultilanguage

    Support for multiple multilanguage sitemaps, both for Joomla! native multilanguage or 3PD extensions like Joomfish

  • productfeatureNo Webmasters Tools

    You don't need to have a Webmasters Tools account, all needed can be managed with JSitemap functionalities

  • productfeatureAJAX generation

    Sitemap precaching using AJAX generation allows you to cover all possible cases also for giant sitemaps

  • productfeatureSplitting large sitemap

    Split into different file chunks, sitemap with thousands of links and manage a single main index file

  • productfeatureLinks Analyzer

    The Links Analyzer allows you to analyze links on your site to find broken links and avoid penalties

  • productfeatureRobots.txt editor

    Manage your robots.txt directly from JSitemap using integrated editor

Inversion of Control Principle™ for the very first time it's reality!
JSitemap Professional Edition for the very first time among Joomla! community offers functionalities to realize an Inversion of Control principle for indexing your site.
While till now you had to wait that search engines come to crawl your site in a passive mode, now you can reverse this route and being you that go to search engine sending information about your contents.

Now are you that go to search engines to shout: "EHY! I've updated my site, here is the link!"

You can do this with sitemap submit functionality available in SEO control panel, but this can be achieved even in a more powerful way thanks to the integration of Pingomatic web service.
Ping-O-Matic is a web service to update different search engines that your contents has changed and need to be indexed.
Innovative concept of "Data Sources" with automated Wizard and SQL Query Compiler™
JSitemap Professional Edition is founded on a new and exciting concept called "Data Sources", that let you embed into your sitemap items taken from whatever extension with no need of additional plugins.

JSitemap Professional Edition take elements to show from different sources of data, basically of three types: menus, contents and user defined type.
Menus and contents data sources are created and updated automatically by component, so for basic functionalities that's all.
But if you want to embed into sitemap the links generated by 3PD extensions, you can create a new user defined data source with one-click wizard!
All is accomplished in few seconds and thanks to a powerful SQL Query Compiler™ a database query is generated so that elements will be grabbed and visible in sitemap!

No more need of finding plugins for your installed extensions, just one click and that's all!
In this way you can "sitemapping" everything!
Advanced SEO control panel with one-click tasks and no need of Webmasters Tools account!
With JSitemap Professional Edition is available a powerful and user friendly SEO control panel to accomplish all common tasks required for sitemap management and use all existing submit methods supported by search engines.
Submit or resubmit sitemap, manage your robots.txt to let search engines find your sitemaps, generate multiple multilanguage sitemaps, generate multiple types sitemaps... what else?
Do all tasks with just one click also for not expert administrators and avoid need to have a Webmasters Tools account!
Search engines optimizations for XML format and advanced features
For every single data source you can rule exactly what details should be get passed to search engines, for example excluded items, priority and refresh period according to Google sitemap protocol.

Moreover JSitemap Professional implements splitting feature for those sites having sitemap containing many thousands of links. Search engines like Google or Bing set some limitation for XML sitemap file that you can submit to be accepted. So if your site exceeds these limits with but JSitemap Professional you can generate splitted sitemap, choose how many links each sitemap chunk should contains and submit main index file easily.
Notice that generating sitemaps containing tens of thousands links can be prevented if your server has not right settings such as timeouts, memory limits or not enough resources. In this case the innovative precaching system with sitemaps AJAX generation allow you to overcome whatever restrictions and generate sitemaps without any limits, wheter XML sitemap or full images sitemap.

Sitemap gets generated in realtime based on your content changes, so that when you edit your site contents it will automatically affect sitemap. You don't need to generate sitemap everytime you add contents, because there are no static sitemap files.

NOTE: not all features are available for old versions of Joomla! 1.5. Contact us for more informations.
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Price: 49.00 USD