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Fast Social Share
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Fast Social Share is the Joomla plugin to embed social share buttons without affecting site performance!

It manage Open Graph tags using articles text automatically!

Fast social share buttons is a powerful plugin that allow you to display social share buttons for most common social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Linkedin, Xing without slowing down your site performance and avoiding to irritate users.

Fast social share is the first Joomla! extension plugin written entirely in an optimized way so that site performance will remain the same. Most social share plugin use standard code to embed buttons and make your site painfully slow.

Now that Google requires https on websites, it's common that switching to https you experiment a count loss about likes and shares collected in the past for your pages. Indeed changing URLs forces socials to start a new count using different https links. Fast Social Share now has a feature that can be activated to preserve the likes and shares count even if you switched to https.

Moreover it's capable to manage and add automatically Open Graph tags to instruct social networks about title, description and image to pick and share. The shared image will be the first image encountered inside the article text if any. You can even add an article image and use it.

With this plugin you can also choose to embed buttons automatically in articles filtered by category, or choose to use the standard Joomla! plugin syntax {fastsocialshare} to embed buttons wherever you want.
Product features
  • productfeatureHigh performance

    Ensure that your site won't be slowed by social widgets

  • productfeatureExclude filters

    Filter Joomla! contents where you need buttons

  • productfeatureButtons config

    Customize buttons to fit your needs

  • productfeatureAuto embed buttons

    Embed buttons automatically without plugin placeholders

Full control over social buttons
You can select the social share buttons that you want to display and customize their appearance changing type, color, text, etc.
This plugin is very simple to use, once installed you need only to publish it and start embed buttons.

It supports different working mode, you can choose to show icons inside every article automatically or use the custom plugin syntax {fastsocialshare}. The custom plugin syntax allow you to show social icons also inside a Joomla module using a global page context, in this way the page link that is visited will be shared.
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Price: 0.00 EUR