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Responsivizer is a full solution to make responsive your Joomla site in few easy steps. Responsivizer is most cheapest, complete and easy solution to render your site responsive from now!
Price: 49.00 USD

Responsivizer is a full solution to make MOBILE RESPONSIVE your Joomla! site in few easy steps, now out 2.0!
Responsivizer is most cheapest, complete and easy solution to render your site responsive, so GO MOBILE NOW!
Building a mobile version of your site has never been so easy, and no more need to start a new site from scratch!

Make your Joomla site displaying and performing great on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and mobile devices.
You can build a mobile version of your site without additional domains or resources! All is managed inside your Joomla! installation.
Responsivizer is also the most powerful way to speed up your site performance on mobile devices and it's trusted by thousands Joomla! users that love it as it provides a far superior control to the standard Joomla mobile features.

Responsivizer is:
Responsive template:
Responsivizer template is the future concept of the web: a single design for all devices : mobiles, laptop, desktop ... This lets your site automatically adjust with devices screen resolution. Responsivizer will override your desktop template on the fly, using its own optimized template for detected devices, that is fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.

Fully customizable:
Responsivizer template is fully customizable like all Joomla! templates and more, thanks to fine settings and set of predefined themes.

Advanced and easy layout management:
Just few clicks to choose what Joomla! modules let visible for mobile template, where they should be exactly positioned and just one click to exclude elements from mobile. Dynamic module positions mapping means that Responsivizer integrates with any existing Joomla! template.

Product features
  • productfeatureLayout management

    Choose exactly elements that should be included in mobile view and where they should be positioned

  • productfeatureDevice emulator

    Now you can test exactly how your site is displayed on devices thanks to the integrated emulator

  • productfeatureFully customizable

    Customize to suit your needs without being a programmer, using a user friendly control panel or set of predefined themes

  • productfeatureTemplate editor

    For more advanced users it can be used the integrated files editor to customize template styles and code

  • productfeatureTouch enabled

    Responsivizer offers to mobile users touch capabilities like swipe, accordion, and many more

  • productfeatureOffline cache

    You can make pages of your site being available also when connection is lost on device

  • productfeatureHTML5 and CSS3

    Responsivizer is built for future on HTML5 and CSS3. So using it will let you gain responsive but also latest standard for W3C HTML5

  • productfeatureDevice detection

    Responsivizer will detect mobile devices and it will choose the right template only when needed

  • productfeatureAdvanced slideshow

    Configure in easy manner a powerful touch enabled slideshow, adding images with metadata and reordering with drag'n'drop

  • productfeatureSocial network ready

    Template will let you insert links to most famous social network showing automatically related icons

Advanced features
Integrated device emulator:
Now you can see exactly how your responsive site is displayed on mobile devices like phones or tablets, thanks to the integrated emulator. You can pick from a list of common devices or set specific settings.

Offline cache pages:
Now for the very first time you can make a Joomla! site also accessible when devices are not connected to network. Thanks to HTML5, Responsivizer let you choose pages of your site which must be cached and stored on devices to be accessible also when network connection is lost.

Responsive Video ready:
Embed your video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc, using flash or native HTML5 and Responsivizer will do the rest. It automatically detects video on your page and fits fluid dimensions exactly to device screen size.

Responsive Images and fixed size HTML elements:
Old sites with HTML elements having fixed dimensions, can be easily translated responsive adding a chosen CSS class.

Image compression and optimization:
Enabling image compression you can reduce bandwidth consumption on mobile networks and speed up your site.

Custom mobile home page:
You can set a custom different home page on your site, used only for mobile devices.

Integrated mobile slideshow:
Advanced slideshow let you easily add and reorder images with drag'n'drop and customize aspect and behavior.

Multilevel mobile menus:
You can render Joomla! menus in a way compatible with mobile devices using touch screen. You can choose from dropdown style or accordion style.

More advanced features:
  •Google Analytics code support
  •Company logo management
  •Template switcher for desktop site version
  •Touch support and optimizations
  •Performance boost
  •Remote advanced device detection
  •IPad and tablets support
  •Multi-site on same domain
  •Instant support and assist by professionists

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Price: 49.00 USD