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Integrate social features into Joomla has never been easier thanks to the social plugins by J!Extensions Store. Social features are very important for the ranking of a website and extensions that are found in this section allow you to make Joomla social ready in few easy steps. The Joomla chat system we have developed looks similar to that of Facebook, and it's very easy to use for everyone.

These extensions were carried out with the aim to make the installation and configuration very simple and fast: moreover Fast Social Share allows you to share content on social networks quickly and without slow down site performance.

Joomla chat system, Joomla comment system and Joomla social share plugins

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Price: 49.90 EUR - Added on: 2021.10.23 | Total views: 9378
JComment is the most popular Joomla component for a long time to add a comment system on any page of the website that offers a revolutionary technology to integrate with any extension! Interested in our JComment component? Request a free trial package and get it now, it's free to test! JComment allows users to post comments to any content of your website and it integrates with any extension using only its core capabilites. It can be enabled for any specific extension and view...

Instant Facebook Login

Price: 49.90 EUR - Added on: 2014.07.22 | Total views: 51824
Instant Facebook Login is a Joomla plugin to add a social login, registration and social features to your Joomla! site in a snap. It's the easiest and cheapest Joomla extension to add the ability to login in a few seconds using Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts! Click here to watch the video gallery! Using Instant FBLogin you won't lose anymore users that left your site annoyed by creating a new account to register by scratch. Integrate a Facebook, Google, Twi...


Price: 49.90 EUR - Added on: 2012.12.06 | Total views: 67626
JCHATSOCIAL IS AN AWARD WINNING CHAT SOFTWARE FOR JOOMLA!® It's a powerful chat and videochat system to communicate with other users on your site, valid on how many domains you want and without subscriptions! You won't find such a powerful chat extension at this price! It's the only extension that offers peer-to-Peer HTML5 videochat™ in HD and the Skype bridge™ to route calls to Skype application! JChatSocial can be installed on every Joomla! site and may be the perfect completion to your...

Fast Social Share

Price: 0.00 EUR - Added on: 2012.09.04 | Total views: 110374free
Fast Social Share is the Joomla plugin to embed social share buttons without affecting site performance! It manage Open Graph tags using articles text automatically! Fast social share buttons is a powerful plugin that allow you to display social share buttons for most common social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Linkedin, Xing without slowing down your site performance and avoiding to irritate users. Fast social share is the first Joomla! extension...