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Wordpress Speed Performance Service

The best Wordpress performance Page Speed service to increase the score on Google PageSpeed Insights

Time to make your website runs faster Google Page Experience update went live and Page Experience Signals measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with your website.

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ou just built a new website for your company.

You spent days laboring over the design and weeks in production with countless hours of edits.

But there’s a problem: You find that your new, beautiful website isn’t as fast as you need it to be.

And when it comes to building a conversion rate and search engine optimized website, speed is a critical factor.

If you don’t have a fast website, people will bounce faster than you can say “conversions.”

But speeding up your website is no easy task.

1. Website audit
Our team is able to perform a quick audit of your Wordpress website to identify all possible issues that impact the performance: heavy scripts, images, CSS, slow server and much more.
2. WPSpeed installation
The core of optimizations is based on the WPSpeed plugin for Wordpress that automatically applies several improvements as suggested by Google PageSpeed best practices.
3. Tests and optimizations
Finally your website will be tested and optimized as much as possible also suggesting you which aspects require to be handled manually to reach a higher score.

Interested to optimize your Wordpress website with our service?

Running an audit and analyze if your website can be optimized is FREE, and no payment is needed, do not hesitate to contact us!

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