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1 hour/35EUR 2 hours/70EUR 3 hours/105EUR 4 hours/140EUR 5 hours/175EUR
Hire us! Purchase our expertise for special consulting, assistance and customizations about our extensions or Joomla CMS

"Satisfaction Guaranteed Service"

The J!Extensions Store is comprised of Joomla! specialists with long experiences on all Joomla! projects. Ever since the "Mambo" project was first born in 2003; our work is based solely on this powerful platform.

For this reason, we are able to assist you on-site for any special need related to our extensions.

How to use this service
Our charge is EUR 35.00 per hour. This means that you can purchase our expert team to talk with you and then work on your site for the time needed, based on the complexity of what you are asking us to do.

We strongly recommend that you contact us first and fully explain your needs before purchasing this service! This will save you money and help us understand your issues so we can evaluate how to help you. Then, after your consultation, we can determine the exact amount of time required and provide you with a quote on your exact cost.

After we agree to work together and your payment for needed hours has been completed through our eCommerce system, we will decide how and when we are going to communicate to satisfy your needs. For on site service we can work using FTP access, a test site or a site backup.

"100% Money Back Guarantee"