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Joomla development may not be so easy, for this reason the J!Extensions Store team designed several tools that can help you even if not expert. This category groups several Joomla tools that allow you to "streamline" operations usually reserved to expert webmasters, improve user experience and usability on your website.

JSitemap is the most powerful tool for Joomla aimed to simplify the work needed for SEO activities on your website. J!Extensions Store is constantly looking for new ideas to be developed that can be useful to improve user experience.

JSpeed is the Joomla plugin to optimize and speed up the website for Google PageSpeed!

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Price: 49.90 EUR - Added on: 2020.01.07 | Total views: 23880
JSpeed is the Joomla plugin to optimize and speed up the website for Google PageSpeed! Are you ready to be compliant to Google Core Web Vitals? JSpeed is the professional solution to boost your website performance and make Google happy increasing the PageSpeed Insights rank in a snap! Interested in our Joomla Speed Performance Service? Contact us now providing an admin account to our expertise team for a free test installation on your website and performance optimization. ...


Price: 49.90 EUR - Added on: 2018.04.09 | Total views: 99055
Joomla! GDPR plugin: cookies and privacy for Joomla managed automatically by the GDPR component - Make your Joomla website compliant with the EU GDPR law GDPR for Joomla! is the state of the art to manage cookies and resources and have your website compliant with the EU GDPR law. It is the only trusted software in the world that can actually block cookies and resources and that is able to track any consent requested on the website. And if you are afraid of finding and classi...


Price: 49.90 EUR - Added on: 2015.08.13 | Total views: 22303
JRedirects plugin for Joomla to manage redirects in a snap. JRedirects finally makes it possible to manage redirects from old to new links automatically! With JRedirects everytime that you change a menu or article alias or you change the structure of menu items, the old links are automatically mapped to the new ones under the hood. There are no actions required on your part, the plugin will work seamlessly to redirect automatically users and search engines to new links. ...


Price: 49.90 EUR - Added on: 2012.06.06 | Total views: 139309
JSITEMAP IS AN AWARD WINNING SITEMAP SOFTWARE FOR JOOMLA!® JSitemap offers an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap contents without need of additional plugins! Compatible with whatever Joomla! extensions you need! Increase number of links indexed by Google up to 400%! The Wizard and the SQL Query Compiler™ allow you to embed in your sitemap items from 3PD extensions just with one click, and with Inversion of Control™ now are you that go to search engines to shout: "...