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e offer professional development behind extensions, customizations to suite all customers needs, active support for extensions and 1 year FREE updates for new releases of products from the date of purchase.

Our strength is offer instant invaluable support for our customers and be sure that once purchased a product, it works as expected!
J!Extensions Store is made by people with long experience on Joomla! and thousands of success cases.

If you need to contact us you can simply fill out this form and send a request even before buying products, for example to ask for more detailed explanations about extensions or a demo package.
Our customer support will answer you shortly.
Before contacting us PLEASE read the extension PDF documentation completely, PLEASE read our FAQ and consult our forum to find answers to common questions. In most cases your question has already been answered so you can find what you need to know just now and save us a lot of time to support the same request over and over and copy/paste what we have already written and documented.

You MUST NOT ask for a refund the very first time you contact us or open a Paypal dispute/chargeback before having contacted us!
This is clearly unacceptable. If you experience something that doesn't work fine on your site, you are recommended to contact our support and give us opportunity to fix it and make it works also on your site.
If after having worked on your site we will be sure that our extension can't work fine for you we will be happy to send you refund.
This will imply that you have to uninstall our extension and also your account and product access on our store will be deleted permanently.
Refunds are accepted within 30 days from the date of purchase only if our support team has not spent time to work on your website and only if there is something preventing you to use the extension correctly.
Please avoid send us email with "Your product is not what i needed" or "I'm not satisfied", because there are demo sites for every extension, and if you are not sure of what you are purchasing please ask us for a demo on your site.
We will agree to send you refund only if we have ascertained that you can't use purchased extensions at all.
Moreover before asking for a refund remember that our extensions are unlimited, so if for some reason you can't use it on your current site, you could install them on other domains or future sites.

Notice that you can't open Paypal dispute/chargeback. We are selling digital goods with no needs to be shipped so opening a Paypal dispute saying that you haven't received what you purchased or that the product is different from description is not suitable at all. You have demo areas to see software working, you can ask us for a free trial, and if you experience issues on your site after installing extensions our professional support is at your service for FREE to solve any kind of problems. So you are not allowed to open Paypal disputes, simply because there is no reason. This won't help you to be our friend, moreover if after trying to solve possible issues on your site you can't still use purchased extension we will be glad to send you money back without the need to open a Paypal dispute. We are honest people and we ask you to be the same with us, otherwise you will be BANNED from our store.

In order to request support and use our paid extensions, you must have a valid license and a licensed copy of our software.

Please do not ask us why you are no longer able to download an extension you already purchased, this means that your updates license has expired after 1 year. You can request a coupon code to renew your license for updates.