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JChatSocial: the Joomla live chat and video chat with AI

JChatSocial is a powerful live chat and peer-to-peer videochat, a native extension for Joomla CMS with easy to install and use. Users can choose to start a private chat or join a group conversation, all completely free of charge because data stream is processed on your server.
It's the first Joomla chat extension to implement HTML5 peer-to-peer technology for native HD videochat and without consuming bandwidth on your site. It integrates with ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence to be instructed and provide assistance for your services, and has many advanced feature such as attachments exchange, avatars and more. JChatSocial integrates with JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena. Try it now

Joomla Live Chat: JChatSocial is a powerful live chat with Artificial Intelligence for Joomla that works on your site and allows video chat for Joomla
Increase user interactivity on your website, add a chat and much more in minutes. ONE TIME COST. RUNS ON YOUR SERVER.

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    Peer-to-peer HTML5 videochat™ in HD is now reality! Take advantages of the most advanced web technologies also on mobile and without subscriptions
    • Peer-to-peer videochat™ for video calls
    • Videoconference for multiple users
    • Live Streaming™ for webinars, online courses, etc
    • Screen sharing
    • Integrated ticketing system
    • Private messaging system
    • ChatGPT AI to provide assistance
    • Advanced help desk mode
    • Instant Language Translator
    • Videochat Media Recorder
    • Operating system notifications
    • Email alerts
    • Answer chats from any device
    • Zero installations
    • High Definition medias
    • Message, call and share at same time
    • Powerful layouts management
    • 10 themes included
    • Skype bridge™
    • High performance for data stream
    • Multiple positioning for chatboxes
    • Social extensions integrable
    • Mobile devices optimized
    Price: 49.90 EUR
It's a powerful chat and videochat system to communicate with other users on your site, valid on how many domains you want and without subscriptions!
You won't find such a powerful chat extension at this price!
It's the only extension that offers peer-to-Peer HTML5 videochat™ in HD and the integration with ChatGPT AI™ to provide assistance to your customers automatically!
JChatSocial can be installed on every Joomla! site and may be the perfect completion to your Joomla! social platform like JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena, or an extreme powerful help desk and ticketing tool.
All exchanged data remains within your server being a fully non-hosted solution, moreover JChatSocial offers advanced features like attachments exchange, chatrooms, sounds, avatars, mobile devices support and much more!