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JComment is the most popular Joomla component for a long time to add a comment system on any page that provides an innovative technology to integrate with any extension!

JComment allows users to post comments to any content of your website and it integrates with any extension using only its core capabilites.
It can be enabled for any specific extension and view by simply selecting them! By default comments are active for the single article view of the native content component, but JComment can be easily enabled for example for Easyblog post view, K2 article view, Kunena thread view, or whatever extension you have installed on your Joomla website.

JComment functionalities include:
  •Universal comments integration™: Enable comments for any specific extension and view by simply selecting them

  •Reactions system: Up to 7 reactions with modern icons can be assigned to comments both by visitors and registered users

  •Workflow management: The component allows to manage the publishing workflow of comments by admins

  •Guest and registered users: Comments are supported for both guest and registered users, so that it's not required to have an account to post a comment

  •Subscriptions and notifications: Users can subscribe to threads to be notified for new comments and at the same time admins can also be notified of new comments to publish or moderate

  •Reviews system: comments can also be used as reviews with a rating for items and articles

  •BBCodes: It's possible to setup user-defined BBCodes to write shortcodes that will be automatically turned into HTML tags

  •Multilanguage: JComment supports the Joomla multilanguage in order to manage comments in each user language

  •Reporting system: Unsolicited comments can be reported to admins by other users to request their deletion

  •Flat and nested layouts: JComment supports two layouts, flat view or nested tree of comments to allow direct replies to a comment

  •Real-time search: it's possible to search for comments based on the title, text or author name

  •Flexible emoji support: Admins can enable and customize Emojis for use in comments

  •Blacklist system: An advanced blacklist system allows admins to block users by id or ip address

  •Migration system: You can import comments from several third-party extensions such as Virtuemart, Easyblog, etc into JComment

  •Include, exclude and close comments: It's possible to include or exclude comments only for specific categories or items, as well as close comments to stop new posts

  •Customize color and template: It's possible to easily change the base template color or setup multiple templates to fully override styles, icons, etc

  •Anti-spam security: Two powerful Captcha systems to block spammers are built-in into JComment and configuration-less

  •GDPR compliance: JComment is compliant with the GDPR regulation: it does not use cookies, includes the privacy policy management and allows comments deletion or anonymization

  •Permissions: Thanks to an advanced permissions system it's possible to enable each specific feature based on the Joomla user group

  •High security: The text of the comments can be filtered by bad words, limited by length and number of comments, as well as subjected to an anti-flood system

  •Avatars system: JComment integrates with several social extensions such as JomSocial, EasySocial, etc to reuse user's avatar or fetch one from the Gravatar web service

Product features
  • productfeatureUniversal comments integration™

    Enable comments for any specific extension and view by simply selecting them, JComment integrates with any extension

  • productfeatureSubscriptions and notifications

    Subscribe to threads and stay updated for new comments to read, publish or moderate them

  • productfeatureWorkflow management

    Admins can manage the publishing workflow of comments posted by users based on the ACL permissions

  • productfeatureBBCodes

    Define custom BBCodes to allow shortcodes within the text of any message that will be automatically turned into HTML tags

  • productfeatureGuest and registered users

    Comments are supported also for guest users, so that it's not required to have an account to post a comment

  • productfeatureMultilanguage

    JComment integrates with the Joomla core multilanguage in order to allow different comments for each language

  • productfeatureAvatars system

    Integrate with social extensions like JomSocial, EasySocial, etc or Gravatar to automatically retrieve avatars

  • productfeatureBlacklist system

    Admins can blacklist and block users by their user id or generic ip address

  • productfeatureMigration system

    Comments can be imported from several social extensions like JomSocial, Easysocial, etc into JComment in just one click

  • productfeatureCustomize color and template

    Perfectly fit JComment to your template, it's possible to set a color variation or setup a full template override

  • productfeatureInclude, exclude and close comments

    Comments can be enabled only for specific categories or items and threads can be closed to stop new posts

  • productfeatureReporting system

    Users can report bad comments to admins to be modified, censored or deleted

  • productfeatureHigh security

    To ensure high security JComment includes an anti-flood system, Captcha validation, filter for bad words and restrictions for the text of messages

  • productfeatureGDPR compliance

    JComment does not use cookies and includes the privacy policy management, comments deletion or anonymization to be compliant with GDPR

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Price: 49.90 EUR