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Responsivizer the Awesome, is the full stack solution to to transform your Joomla! site into a mobile app and make it MOBILE RESPONSIVE in a few easy steps.

Overall it's the cheapest, easiest and most complete solution to display a Joomla website on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc and increase performance, don't wait anymore GO MOBILE NOW!
Building a mobile Joomla! version of your site has never been so easy, and NO NEED to start a new site from scratch!

Make your Joomla site displaying and performing great on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all mobile devices.
You can build a mobile version of your site without the need of additional domains or resources! Everything is managed within your current Joomla! installation.
Responsivizer is also the most powerful way to speed up your site performance on mobile devices and it's trusted by thousands of Joomla! users that love it as it provides a far superior control to the standard Joomla mobile features.
Responsivizer is capable to override your desktop template on the fly, using its own optimized template only when mobile devices are detected.

Google announced that the mobile-friendly factor affects the ranking in search results and that they would be using mobile first indexing! What does this mean for you? This means that if your site is not mobile friendly you can kiss your Google rankings goodbye! Nobody can ignore to have a mobile and responsive website, the effect could be lose ranking and site visibility!
Furthermore Google rolled out the new "Speed" reports within Google Search Console to confirm that the speed factor will be more and more important for the ranking of a website. Google gives preferential treatment to websites that load quickly and Responsivizer is the best solution to optimize mobile pages to load faster.

Responsivizer includes every tools and features to manage your Joomla! mobile site:

Mobile detection and template switching
Joomla! auto configuration for the Google mobile friendly test
Native app look and feel – Configure the site to simulate a native mobile app on devices
●Mobile elements exclusion and inclusion - Exclude or include modules exactly as you need and where you need
Adaptation to every Joomla! template - Thanks to a powerful layout framework and the Universal template positions associations™ you can match whatever Joomla! template you are using with Responsivizer
Device emulator – The integrated Joomla! mobile device emulator™ let you test how your site will be displayed on multiple devices
Integrated editor for template files - You can edit template files directly by Joomla! administration
Adaptive image resizing and optimization - Speed up your site, save bandwidth using image compression and conversion to WebP format
Custom mobile home page - Choose easily to redirect mobile users to a different specific home page on your site
Redirects - Manage redirects for mobile users to specific menu pages
●Advanced mobile slideshow - Setup easily a fully customizable mobile slideshow that supports touch
Multiple themes - Use a set of predefined themes to change layout in a single click, best suited themes are available for Android and iOS look and feel
Easy to customize - A lot of settings will let you customize Responsivizer layout without working on CSS and source code
Touch optimized - The interface to navigate your site will be optimized for touch devices, to save space and use fingers
Advanced mobile menu - You can easily configure up to 4 mobile menus in different positions
Desktop version switcher - Mobile users can easily choose to switch to desktop version of your site
Mobile click-to-call - Integration with mobile phone number, Whatsapp and Skype
●Additional features - Mobile social icons and social share buttons, footer area and mobile call number, Google Analytics, logo and more, everything is already included within Responsivizer!
Product features
  • productfeatureManage mobile layout

    Choose exactly elements that should be included in mobile view, where they should be positioned using assignments or drag'n'drop

  • productfeatureNative app look

    Configure the site to simulate a native mobile app on mobile devices home screen

  • productfeatureJoomla! Device emulator™

    Now you can test exactly how your site is displayed on devices thanks to the integrated emulator

  • productfeatureEasy to customize

    Customize to suit your needs without being a programmer, using a user friendly control panel or set of predefined themes

  • productfeatureTouch optimized

    Responsivizer offers to mobile users touch capabilities like swipe, accordion, and many more

  • productfeatureUniversal adaptability

    The layout framework and the Universal positions associations™ are able to integrate with whatever Joomla! template

  • productfeatureHTML5 and CSS3

    Responsivizer is built for future on HTML5 and CSS3. So using it will let you gain responsive but also latest standard for W3C HTML5

  • productfeatureDevice detection

    Responsivizer will detect mobile devices and it will choose the right template only when needed

  • productfeatureAdvanced slideshow

    Configure in easy manner a powerful touch enabled slideshow, adding images with metadata and reordering with drag'n'drop

  • productfeatureSocial network ready

    Add mobile icons and share buttons for social networks in a flash and without affecting performance

Live mobile preview
Watch now the demo video to have a quick overview of what you can do with Responsivizer!
Advanced features
Responsive Video ready:
Embed your video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc, using flash or native HTML5 and Responsivizer will do the rest. It automatically detects video on your page and fits fluid dimensions exactly to device screen size.

Responsive Images and fixed size HTML elements:
Old sites with HTML elements having fixed dimensions such as tables, iframes, images, etc can be easily translated responsive adding a chosen CSS class.

Adaptive image resizing and optimization:
Enabling image resizing and optimization you can reduce bandwidth consumption on mobile networks and speed up your site. The images will be automatically resized, optimized and optionally converted on the fly to WebP format based on the type and resolution of the device.

Custom mobile home page:
You can set a custom different home page on your site, used only for mobile devices.

Social mobile:
Increase visibility of your site allowing social sharing also to mobile users. Responsivizer is capable to show mobile social icons and share buttons without affecting performance of the site, mostly important on slow connections

Integrated mobile slideshow:
Advanced slideshow let you easily add and reorder images with drag'n'drop and customize aspect and behavior.

Multilevel mobile menus:
You can render Joomla! menus to suit perfectly on mobile devices to use touch screen. You can choose from dropdown style or accordion style up to 4 different positions and styles

More advanced features:
  •Google Analytics code support
  •Company logo management
  •Template switcher for desktop site version
  •Touch support and optimizations
  •Performance boost
  •Remote advanced device detection
  •IPad and tablets support
  •Multi-site on same domain
  •Instant support and assist by professionists

NOTE: not all features are available for the old Joomla 1.5 version, contact us for more informations
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Price: 49.90 EUR