Faq Can i have multiple sitemaps for the same site?
Can i have multiple sitemaps for the same site?

Yes JSitemap supports multiple sitemaps with different settings and data sources subset.

You can create multiple menu items that point to different sitemaps, inside menu item settings you will be able to choose the data sources included in that sitemap and the options for HTML rendering.

This can be particularly useful for example if you need to present sitemaps with different contents or for multilanguage sitemaps, where each sitemaps need to include a specific subset of menus based on language.

You can refer also these detailed forum posts:

When you create a sitemap menu item and apply settings this will be applied to HTML sitemap generated when you click on that menu. To apply the same settings, for example a specific data sources subset, also to XML sitemaps, you need to select the dropdown menu item that will be shown in main control panel once you created more than 1 sitemap menu.