Faq How can i update the plugin?
How can i update the plugin?

To update the plugin you don't need any particular operations.

Once downloaded the latest release from your reserved area, you need simply to upload and install the package using the Joomla Extensions Manager as usual. During the installation the extension will be updated and files overwritten automatically.

After having updated the component, no settings or configuration will be lost. Only files will be updated, but all settings will be preserved.

Although to update the component it's only required to download and install the latest package using the Joomla installer, as long as you have a valid ongoing updates license you may choose to take advantage of the standard Joomla! Updater.

To use the Joomla! Updater it's required to specify exactly your email address used to register your account and make the purchase on our store https://storejextensions.org. This is done to check the validity status of your updates license and automatically prompt you to download and install updates as soon as they are available.

IMPORTANT: when using the Joomla! auto updater the plugin 'System - Screen Reader' must be active and published.

IMPORTANT: If you receive an installation error, this is not due to the plugin.
In most of the cases when you receive an installation errors there is a problem on your server or Joomla configuration. Usually wrong folder path or permissions prevent extensions to be installed and copied correctly by the Joomla installer, moreover the folder that is used by Joomla to install extensions, by default named 'tmp', often is set as not writable.
Additionally, pay attention that even if the 'tmp' folder is marked as 'writable' the path could be wrong so ensure that the folder points to the correct directory in the server file system.
Check your Joomla global configuration for the 'tmp' path to ensure that it's correct and points to an existing location on your current server.
Check your Joomla global configuration for the 'tmp' path and under 'System Information'->'Directory permissions' ensure that the folder is writable in green color, if it looks in red as unwritable you can't install any extensions on your Joomla! website.
A typical error thrown by the Joomla! installer when it's unable to install extensions is: 'Warning - Copy file failed' or 'JFolder :: create : Infinite Loop Detected Warning:Failed to move file!' or 'Unable to find install package' or 'Error: Warning JInstaller: :Install: Can't find Joomla XML setup file'.