Faq How can i use the Google Indexing API?
How can i use the Google Indexing API?

Thanks to the Google Indexing API, it's possible to automatically submit URLs to Google when you save or update articles in the Joomla backend without the need to wait that Google crawls the sitemap. This feature dramatically speeds up indexing new URLs and crawling updated contents without relying on the classic sitemap only. It notifies Google of a new URL to crawl or that content at a previously-submitted URL has been updated.

To activate the Google Indexing API integration is extremely straightforward, it's enough to follow a 3 steps process:

  1. Set the Google Indexing API switcher to 'Yes' and save the configuration
  2. Click on the blue button to login and authenticate on Google with your account. IMPORTANT: the Google account used to login must be the one associated as the full 'Verified owner' of the current domain in Google Search Console; using a delegated account won't work
  3. Consent the application 'JSitemap Indexing Application' by clicking on the 'Allow' buttons and copy/paste the authentication code in the 'STEP 2' field

Google Indexing API login with your account

Once the authentication code is added and validated the Google Indexing API is active, you can logout at any time or totally disable it if needed:

Google Indexing API authenticated

From now on whenever a new article is added or updated, JSitemap will communicate directly with Google to inform about the URL to index and crawl. It's also possible to check if the Indexing API is properly submitting URLs to Google by enabling the debug mode of JSitemap, in this way a status message will be shown when saving an article:

Google Indexing API save Joomla article