Faq How do i block cookies by category?
How do i block cookies by category?

It's possible to block cookies by specific category, both for local cookies (same domain) and third-party cookies. Each category has 2 lists that contain:

  • A list for name of cookies referred to the local domain
  • A list for name of remote domains needed to block third-party cookies

This means that if you want to block certain local cookies it will be enough to add the exact name of the cookie to the list of cookies.

If instead you want to block cookies generated by third-party websites, you have to add the domain from which they are generated in the list of domains. Indeed it's not possible to block third-party cookies if not blocking the remote resource that generate them, being it an iframe, a script, an image, etc

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Pay attention to NEVER add your local domain to the list of blocked domains of a certain category. This may have the effect to block all your local resources and prevent the normal rendering of the website.