Faq How do i import preconfigured data sources?
How do i import preconfigured data sources?

JSitemap supports import/export of third party data sources in the backend list of records. In this way you can export and backup custom configurations of data sources on your website but even import already preconfigured data sources for third party components available in your reserved area under the folder named 'Data sources to import for third party extensions'

In that folder you find a collection of data sources for less common extensions, not integrated through the wizard, that you can import and that are already configured to integrate with the sitemap.

All you need to do, after downloading the '.json' file of your interest for the data source, is clicking on 'Import Sources', choosing the file and clicking on 'Start Import'. Immediately the records from the extension will be added to the sitemap, you can configure further the data source to optimize the integration as you are usual to do.

The data source is of type 'user' in the same way of a data source generated through the wizard.