Faq How to generate an RSS feed or News sitemap for only certain categories?
How to generate an RSS feed or News sitemap for only certain categories?

It's possible to easily manage a different subset of categories for the RSS feed or the Google News sitemap using a separate 'content' data source. By default the 'content' data source is unique across all sitemaps and RSS feed but if needed it can be duplicated to have multiple instances. To duplicate the 'content' data source the first thing to do is enabling the following parameter in the component configuration:
duplicate content source
Once you enable this option you will be able to select the 'content' data source through the checkbox and click the 'Duplicate' button in order to create multiple instances of this kind of data source. You can rename and use each instance for a different purpose, for example the RSS feed or the Google News sitemap.
duplicate content source

At this point for each data source you have separate settings that allow you to choose in which sitemap format or RSS feed to include it. Let's suppose that you want to use it only for the RSS feed, it will be enough to set all inclusion parameters to disabled for all formats but the RSS feed: only one source

Then you can configure which categories you want to include through this specific instance of the 'content' data source, for example you may want to include only 1 single category for the RSS feed and for the Google News sitemap: rss news cat

Do not forget to disable the inclusion of all contents through the main 'content' data source even for RSS/Google News formats, so you have to open the main instance of the 'content' data source and disable the usage for these formats accordingly: rss news cat

As a final result you will have your contents splitted into different data sources and you will be able to filter each data source instance by specific categories only used for certain formats.
As an alternative when you have multiple instances of the 'content' data source you can use 'Datasets', thus generating different sitemaps based on data sources assigned to a given dataset. With this method you don't need to include/exclude the various instances of 'content' data sources for each sitemap format because each one is based on a different link filtered by dataset, for more informations about this feature refer to the PDF docs at the paragraph 'Datasets'.

Optionally you can even manage specific settings for RSS and Google News in order to include in the feed only a limited number of articles by number or by days: gnews settings

rss settings