Faq Is it possible to use shortcodes with SP Page Builder?
Is it possible to use shortcodes with SP Page Builder?

Yes, JShortcodes can be used with SP Page Builder in order to include shortcodes within pages of SP Page Builder.

The specific SP Page Builder addon to integrate JShortcodes is available in the download area and it's installable as a standard Joomla plugin.
Once installed and enabled the addon plugin for SP Page Builder, it will be available under the elements list of SP page Builder. In the right settings area, you find the textarea field into which it's possible to add shortcodes for JShortcodes that will be rendered in frontend. SP Page Builder and JShortcodes

As an alternative, since it's possible to use shortcodes within custom HTML modules and since SP Page Builder supports the 'Joomla module' addon, widgets of JShortcodes will be included in the page through this addon.

To have shortcodes processed within modules, remember to enable the 'Prepare content' option in the settings of a custom HTML module:

jshortcodes modules

Finally embed the desired module into the SP Page Builder page using the 'Joomla module' addon:

jshortcodes modules