Faq What are SEO trends and best practice in 2022?
What are SEO trends and best practice in 2022?

The web continuosly changes over years and SEO, being it based on Google or other search engines, is evolving as google improves its algorithms. For this reason you should not think statically about your website but rather try to follow best practices to ride the wave and make your pages to not lose ranking on SERP.

Here you find the list of most important SEO trends in 2022 and how JSitemap Pro can help you to achieve them.

  1. IndexNow and pinging technologies. Thanks to the faster indexing offered by IndexNow and pinging APIs, search engines can make the whole indexing process more quick and efficient. JSitemap Pro integrates with all these web services and APIs to help your website to be indexed using the push method.
  2. Importance of Structuring Your Content. Google rolled out a new algorithm called Passage Indexing that uses the natural language and tries to understand the meaning of each passage within the page. It's now fundamental make a good use of heading tags and sections to organize your content, JSitemap Pro with its powerful SEO Spider tool allows to monitor the SEO score of a page and override heading tags in a snap.
  3. Core Web Vitals. Google has been pushing webmasters to provide a better page experience to the users and this is mainly based on the performance of your website. JSitemap Pro integrates with the Google PageSpeed API to allow you to monitor performance of your pages and improve them if necessary, without being penalized by Google. And if you need to improve performance of your website, you can count on our powerful plugins JSpeed and JAmp.
  4. Content is king and mobile is first. As Google's algorithms become more sophisticated, the focus is on the content and context of a page. For this reason it is mainly important to write a long and good text for each page, around 3000-5000 characters, and good metadata. JSitemap Pro includes the Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard that allows you to enter optimal metadata values for both title and description while monitoring their length also based on the screen width in pixel for mobile devices.