Faq Where can i find updates for the component?
Where can i find updates for the component?

When you purchase a product license for JSitemap you have 1 year free updates.

Accessing JSitemap control panel you will be prompted about the status of the extension and if some new release is avaiable.

When a new release is available a red label will show you the outdated status of JSitemap, and some info about the new features added in the latest version. You can login to our store with your account and access your reserved area using 'Left menu'->'Purchased products'.

Until you have a valid license you will be able to access component folder to download updates for free. When license expires after 1 year, you can choose to buy again to renew and continue to download updates.

Being a paid extensions updates can't be managed automatically by Joomla updates manager, because no support for paid extensions is available.