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Faq Why all links from a component have the same alias?
Why all links from a component have the same alias?

If you have a single user data source pointing to a component such as Zoo, you can select the menu item that link that component to apply the menu alias also to sitemap links.

Often menu configuration is not limited to a single entrypoint for a component, but for example links multiple categories of elements.

In this case having a single data source will have the effect to apply the same alias for the chosen menu to all sitemaps links. If this is the case, you need to create multiple data sources for that component, mapping exactly your menu structure. For each data source you need to select the matching menu item and filter the records using the ID of the category assigned to that menu item.

This operation is required for Joomla extensions that doesn't follow Joomla routing standards and are assigned to multiple menu items. Contact us for more informations about your extension.