Faq Why Google Analytics stats and JRealtime stats are different?
Why Google Analytics stats and JRealtime stats are different?

Never compare Google Analytics stats with JRealtime Analytics stats because algorithms used are completely different, so stats will be completely different too.

JRealtime Analytics is more closely developed to suit real Joomla! websites stats compared to Google Analytics that is a generic client, indeed JRealtime Analytics is based on Joomla! sessions to track real data and visitors with more accuracy than Google Analytics.

For example there are differences for the following aspects:

  • JRealtime Analytics will track only real Joomla! session started by real human visitors being on your website pages for about a couple of seconds. Google Analytics will track everything without any criteria, even a bot visiting a page for few milliseconds.
  • JRealtime Analytics discards duplicated visits for the same user on the same page on the same day. Google Analytics will track them doubled.
  • With JRealtime Analytics you may set exceptions based on Joomla! pages, groups, IP, etc Google Analytics will track everything without any exception

This means that if you compare JRealtime Analytics stats with Google Analytics, most probably you will notice a lot more traffic in the Google Analytics stats. That's pretty normal based on the different criteria explained, if you install JRealtime Analytics relies on it because it's developed to suit specific Joomla! websites and stats are more accurate and reliable compared to the generic Google Analytics system.

Additionally ensure that you have not an incorrect configuration of Joomla! based on a hardcoded domain in the configuration.php file, for more informations visit this FAQ: https://storejextensions.org/faq/why-the-stats-tracking-works-on-www-domain-but-not-without-www.html