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Faq Why i receive a 'parse error' when clicking on Analyzer, Metainfo and SEO Spider?

Why i receive a 'parse error' when clicking on Analyzer, Metainfo and SEO Spider?

Created on:Monday, 06 April 2015 22:00

This kind of error happens when the Joomla JSON output is broken. Commonly this is due to bugged plugins installed or altered Joomla core files.

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A known issue occurs when Virtuemart is installed and a bugged plugin named 'System - Main Page' is published. The plugin adds extra contents to all Joomla output also to JSON documents, that should be kept clean.

Other well known bugged plugins are named:
'System - True typography'
'System - BT Shortcode'
'System - TM Lazy Load'
'System - JForms'
'System -Responsive Scroll Triggered Box'
'System - Main Page'
'System - Ba Forms'
'System - Ba Gallery'
'System - AutoAnchor Menu support'
'System - Main Page'
'System - JSJobs Register'
'System - EasyScript'
'System - AutoAnchor Menu support'
'System - vmVendor'
'System - Jubenta cookie solution'
'System - Notification Message Bar'
'System - Add FullAjax'
'System - iWt CookieAlarm'
'System - OpenPotion Head and Body'
'System - BT Product Quick View'
'System - Direct Alias Pro'
'System - Ecwid'
'System - Route66'
'System - AxisMeta Renderer'
'System - Social Meta Tags'
'System - JotMarker'
'System - Phocaopengraph'
'System - ResponsiveEUCookie'
'System - Regular Labs - Email Protector'(fixed in 4.0.7)
'System - Regular Labs - Sourcerer'(fixed in 7.0.1)
'System - Promo Notice Message With Timer'

Also ensure that you are not using mixed domains for the Joomla! frontend and backend. For example if your site works with both www and non-www domain or http and https domain, ensure that the backend domain is exactly the same as the frontend one. Otherwise each javascript application running in the backend will be blocked by the browser itself because of cross domain policy.

Take care that if your Joomla website has been hacked after that the recent Joomla vulnerabily has been discovered, some core files could have been altered. In such case it's not uncommon that JSON and XML formats won't work anymore. To fix all issues it's enough to recover Joomla original files.