Faq Why should i abandon Google Analytics in favor of a Joomla component?
Why should i abandon Google Analytics in favor of a Joomla component?

Ready to say goodbye to Google Analytics? Nowadays everybody is tired of dealing with Google Analytics and all implications it brings to your website:

  1. Google Analytics slows down performance of your website. If you care (as everyone should) the Google PageSpeed Insights score and Core Web Vitals, you should have noticed that adding Google Analytics scripts decreases the PageSpeed score especially for mobile devices: https://techpreference.com/internet-marketing-tools/websites/is-google-analytics-slowing-down-my-website
  2. Google Analytics can violate many rules of the GDPR, especially because data are transferred outside the EU area and to other countries, data can be exposed to breach and processed by third-party organizations: https://www.compliancejunction.com/google-analytics-determined-to-breach-gdpr-rules-covering-data-transfers-to-third-countries
  3. Google Analytics is not so easy and intuitive to manage, especially now that Google announced to shut down the Universal Tracking on July 2023 and force a migration to the Google Analytics 4 platform. You should be prepared for this upgrade and the fact that it will also cause all stats to restart from scratch: https://blog.google/products/marketingplatform/analytics/prepare-for-future-with-google-analytics-4

Still sure to continue using Google Analytics?

There are more limitations:

  • Accuracy
  • Missing information
  • Unwanted information
  • Approximation
  • Some tracking needs setting up

JRealtime Analytics for Joomla is done to make your life easier!
It's a native Joomla component built specifically to track visitors and resources of this CMS with high accuracy, designed to be fully compliant with GDPR rules and to keep all stats data within the Joomla database hosted on your server. No more slow website, no more data transfer to third-party countries, no more complex stats, migrations or configurations.

And if you really love and still want to use Google Analytics, then no problem because you can take advantage of the optional integrations included within JRealtime Analytics to fetch and display stats in a simplified way from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google PageSpeed Insights directly in the Joomla backend.

Furthermore, JRealtime Analytics has a lot of incredible features such as: charts generation, scheduled reports by email, PDF/XLS/CSV reports, events system, and much more.

Interested? Learn more and get JRealtime Analytics for Joomla now: https://storejextensions.org/extensions/jrealtime_analytics.html