Faq Why the formatted XML sitemaps report 0 links?
Why the formatted XML sitemaps report 0 links?

Despite the fact that the XML sitemaps are correctly generated and not empty, you may see 0 links when opening a formatted sitemap page. This problem is caused by the Admin Tools plugin if the option to force the website running on https is enabled, so that it replaces every links encountered in the Joomla! output with the https protocol version.

admin tools Indeed the correct link for the namespace of an XML sitemap document is:

and if it's replaced with the https version it won't be valid causing this side effect:

The problem is caused by the setting named 'Convert all links to HTTPS when site is accessed over SSL' of Admin Tools. Ensure that it's set to 'No' to fix the problem.

admin tools

Take care that the same issue could be caused even by another extension named NoNumber ReReplacer if you are using it with a rule to replace all links with the https version.