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Price: 49.90 EUR

JSitemap Professional is the most powerful and complete plugin to generate a Joomla sitemap and manage SEO in a snap!

Boost your indexing with JSitemap, the advanced sitemaps generator and SEO indexing tool for Joomla!
JSitemap is the most popular solution to manage Joomla sitemaps with almost 20.000 users and 200.000 installations and it's the first software in the world to implement the new Google Indexing API and ChatGPT

JSitemap Professional is built on the shoulders of Google and has unique features that let you generate different types of sitemap to gain top level SEO performance for your site. It works on every environment supporting fine tuning for server load resources and caching system during generation of sitemaps.
JSitemap Pro is the unique software that integrates an Artificial Intelligence system and ChatGPT to automatically generate contents based on a keywords phrase and metadata. Today quality contents are the most important aspect to rank well on Google.
You can increase the number of links indexed by Google up to 400% and gain a lot more visibility for your site!

JSitemap Pro is for Joomla! what Yoast is for Wordpress, the most essential extension for every website that makes SEO easy for everyone:
•Get more visitors from Google and Bing
•Attract more visitors from social media
•Increase your readers’ engagement

JSitemap Professional supports the generation of every kind of sitemap and feed:

  •Responsive HTML sitemap
  •Standard XML sitemap
  •Mobile XML sitemap
  •Images XML sitemap
  •Videos XML sitemap for Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and HTML5
  •Geolocation XML/KML sitemap
  •Google News XML sitemap
  •Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) XML sitemap
  •Hreflang multilanguage XML sitemap
  •RSS feeds

Multiple sitemap types generation allows your site to gain more visibility and better SEO positioning, otherwise impossible to reach with other Joomla! extension to manage a sitemap. Moreover JSitemap also supports the indexing of files stored on the server filesystem like PDF, etc.

All sitemaps get generated in realtime based on your content changes, this means that when you edit your site contents this will automatically update sitemaps. Moreover submitting links for dynamic sitemap generation for example to Google Webmaster Tools it will automatically fetch the most updated sitemap and you are done!

Product features
  • productfeatureNo plugins required

    You don't need specific plugins to embed items from various components into the sitemap

  • productfeatureAI Contents Generator

    Let the Artificial Intelligence system and ChatGPT to automatically generate quality contents and metadata for you

  • productfeatureInversion of Control™

    Don't wait search engines come to you, be you to submit your links to search engines through pinging and Google Indexing API!

  • productfeatureSEO Spider

    An easy and handy tool for everyone to identify SEO issues and improvements at a glance, such as duplicates

  • productfeatureSEO Stats

    It's capable to calculate amazing SEO stats such as ranks, visits, keywords, the number of indexed links, and more

  • productfeatureImages sitemap

    Generate images sitemap for your site to get indexed under Google images search

  • productfeatureVideos sitemap

    Generate videos sitemap for videos embedded from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and HTML5 to get indexed under Google videos search

  • productfeatureGoogle News and AMP sitemap

    Generate sitemap for Google News or Google AMP, let your site increase visibility

  • productfeatureRSS feeds

    Not only a sitemap generator but also a powerful RSS 2.0 feeds generator supporting a lot of extensions

  • productfeatureGoogle API integration

    Access your Google Analytics stats and Google PageSpeed in the Joomla! backend and monitor easily your site trend, visitors, visits, etc

  • productfeatureCustom 404 page

    You can override easily contents included in the 404 error page shown by your template

  • productfeatureMultiple sitemaps

    You can manage easily multiple sitemaps thanks to datasets to group in one click different data sources

  • productfeatureStats and charts

    Sitemap XML is formatted in user friendly way and shows stats and charts about links

  • productfeatureSEO control panel

    Easy SEO panel let you submit sitemaps, manage robots.txt and more. Just one click is enough, invaluable tool for not expert people

  • productfeatureMultilanguage

    Support for multiple multilanguage sitemaps and Hreflang sitemap, both for Joomla! native multilanguage or 3PD extensions like Joomfish

  • productfeatureGoogle Webmasters Tools

    Thanks to the official integration with Google Webmasters Tools/Search Console you can submit sitemaps, fix errors, monitor keywords, clicks, visits, etc in the Joomla! backend

  • productfeatureAJAX generation

    Sitemap precaching using AJAX generation allows you to cover all possible cases also for giant sitemaps

  • productfeatureSearch engines metainfo

    The Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard™ allows you to control titles and descriptions in SERP and for socials

  • productfeatureGoogle Indexing Tester™

    Monitor exactly how your site is being indexed in Google SERP about links, titles, descriptions and use the Keywords Research tool

  • productfeatureSplit large sitemap

    Split into different file chunks, sitemap with thousands of links and manage a single main index file

  • productfeatureLinks Analyzer

    The Links Analyzer allows you to analyze links on your site to find broken, slow and not indexed links to avoid penalties

  • productfeaturePing and IndexNow API

    Automatically ping search engines when adding or changing contents, this is done through the new IndexNow API and web services

  • productfeatureMindmap and Navigation tree

    An amazing SCK - Sitemap Construction Kit™ to build your custom sitemap layout using mindmap or navigation tree blocks

  • productfeatureSitemap modules

    Not a simple HTML sitemap on pages, you can embed special views using modules for example to show a quick navigation in the site footer

  • productfeatureHtaccess editor

    An innovative and integrated editor for the htaccess is now included, avoid mistakes using assisted mode, versioning and restore features

  • productfeatureRobots.txt editor

    Manage your robots.txt directly from JSitemap using integrated editor

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Basic steps guide

Sitemap exclusions and priorities

Images sitemap and AJAX precaching

Google Webmasters Tools/Search Console and Analytics integration

Inversion of Control Principle™ and Google Indexing API
JSitemap Professional, for the very first time, offers the functionality to realize an Inversion of Control principle for indexing your site.
Up until now you had to wait until search engines came to crawl your site in a passive mode; now you can reverse the process and send the information about your site to the search engines.

You send the search engines the message: "HEY! I've updated my site, here is the link!"

You can do this with sitemap submit functionality available in SEO control panel, but this can be achieved even in a more powerful way thanks to the integration with the new Google Indexing API and Pingomatic web services.
Thanks to the Google Indexing API, it's possible to automatically submit URLs to Google when you save or update articles in the Joomla backend without the need to wait that Google crawls the sitemap. This feature dramatically speeds up indexing new URLs and crawling updated contents without relying on the classic sitemap only. It notifies Google of a new URL to crawl or that content at a previously-submitted URL has been updated.
Ping-O-Matic is a web service that updates all major search engines with the information 'This content is new or has been updated and need to be indexed'.
Artificial Intelligence Contents Generator™
JSitemap Pro is the unique software that integrates an Artificial Intelligence system to automatically generate contents based on a keywords phrase. Today quality contents are the most important aspect to rank well on Google. If your website has content that has not been improved with added value, it will cause you to not only lose customers but also to be ignored by Google SERPs.
But writing contents is an expensive and time-consuming activity, so what's the solution? Thanks to JSitemap Pro it's possible to generate quality contents using Artificial Intelligence. AI is now website owners' most powerful weapon, indeed it allows to generate contents quickly and for free. The Artificial Intelligence system of JSitemap Pro also integrates with ChatGPT and it's capable to automatically generate great SEO metadata for pages of your site.
Innovative concept of "Data Sources" with automated Wizard and SQL Query Compiler™
JSitemap Professional is founded on a new and exciting concept called "Data Sources", that let you embed into your sitemap items taken from whatever extension with no need for additional plugins.

JSitemap Professional take elements to show from different sources of data, basically of three types: menus, contents and user defined type.
Menus and contents data sources are created and updated automatically by component, so for basic functionalities that's all.
But if you want to embed into sitemap the links generated by 3PD extensions, you can create a new user defined data source with the one-click wizard!
All is accomplished in few seconds and thanks to a powerful SQL Query Compiler™ a database query is generated so that elements will be grabbed and visible in sitemap!

No more need to find plugins for your installed extensions, just one click and that's all!
In this way you can "sitemapping" everything!
Advanced SEO control panel with one-click tasks and no need for a Webmasters Tools account!
JSitemap Professional includes a powerful and user friendly SEO control panel to accomplish all common tasks required for sitemap management and is compatible with all existing submission methods supported by search engines.
Submit or resubmit sitemap, manage your robots.txt to let search engines find your sitemaps, generate multiple multilanguage sitemaps, generate multiple types sitemaps... what else?
You can complete all tasks with just one click also for not expert administrators and avoid need to have a Webmasters Tools account!
Google Indexing Tester™
The Google indexing tester allows you to monitor exactly how your site is being indexed in Google SERP, to find which links, titles and descriptions are indexed and how Google ordered them by relevance in each page. Using this exclusive tool you can also perform searches for specific keywords, varying language and country. In this way you can understand how your site is positioned on Google in different countries or languages all around the world and what's your website rank for a specific keyword! The Google Indexing tester is an extremely powerful tool and it integrates with the official Google API for search results, offering you exact results directly in your Joomla! backend.

The Google Indexing Tester includes a powerful tool for keywords suggestions of your interest and choice, that matter for your website and niche. Knowing the words your audience uses to search online is an extremely important aspect of SEO. SEO tools that help you research and find the most frequently used keywords in your industry can help you use terms with the highest search volume, so that you don't waste time optimizing your content for phrases that do not generate traffic. JSitemap provides a Keyword Research Tool to help pinpoint your niche market.
Search engines optimizations for XML format and advanced features
For every single data source you can rule exactly what details should be get passed to search engines, for example excluded items, priority and refresh period according to Google sitemap protocol.

Moreover JSitemap Professional implements splitting feature for those sites having sitemap containing many thousands of links. Search engines like Google or Bing set some limitation for XML sitemap file that you can submit to be accepted. So if your site exceeds these limits with but JSitemap Professional you can generate splitted sitemap, choose how many links each sitemap chunk should contains and submit main index file easily.
Notice that generating sitemaps containing tens of thousands links can be prevented if your server has not right settings such as timeouts, memory limits or not enough resources. In this case the innovative precaching system with sitemaps AJAX generation allow you to overcome whatever restrictions and generate sitemaps without any limits.

Sitemap gets generated in realtime based on your content changes, so that when you edit your site contents it will automatically affect sitemap. You don't need to generate sitemap everytime you add contents, because there are no static sitemap files.
Mindmap and Navigation tree SCK - Sitemap construction kit
JSitemap ships with 2 special templates named 'Mindmap' and 'Navigation tree' that generate an amazing sitemap based on blocks that can be customized using the SCK – Sitemap Construction Kit™ settings for the layout. Once activated the Mindmap layout, the sitemap will be generated accordingly to layout settings, using by default multiple columns and supporting responsiveness for mobile. Moreover you can rule advanced features such as animations, dragging of sitemap elements, etc
Not only sitemaps! RSS feeds generator
JSitemap is also capable of generating RSS feeds for your contents and for a lot of common Joomla extensions such as EasyBlog, Virtuemart, Kunena, K2, Docman and more. As always just one click to add a data source and include elements in the RSS feeds, and for not included common extensions a custom data source can be used to generate RSS feeds covering 99% of cases.
Using datasets to manage multiple sitemaps it's possible differentiate the elements included in the sitemap from that included in the RSS feeds, with a single extension now you can satisfy both needs.
Google Webmasters Tools/Search Console and Analytics integration™ approved by the Official Google Team
JSitemap includes the official integration with Google Webmasters Tools/Search Console and Google Analytics so that you can monitor Google Analytics stats directly inside the Joomla! backend using your Google account. This helps to monitor your site trend in a snap, JSitemap is a unique point of access for every SEO, stats and health information about your site. Moreover thanks to the Google Webmasters Tools/Search Console integration™ you can submit, resubmit and delete sitemaps, monitor the indexing status, fix crawl errors in just one click and in your Joomla! backend. Finally the Google Search Console section allows you to monitor indexing, crawling, keywords, clicks, visits, impressions and the average SERP position for each page link of your website.
It also includes the tracking snippets management such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Matomo and Facebook Pixel.
Google PageSpeed integration™
Google rolled out the new "Speed" reports within Google Search Console to confirm that the speed factor will be more and more important for the ranking of a website. Google gives preferential treatment to websites that load quickly!
As always JSitemap Pro is a step ahead and it integrates with the Google PageSpeed API in order to fetch and render, directly in the Joomla! backend, a performance report for a given link that is extremely easy to understand, focused on the SEO and Core Web Vitals.
Thanks to the PageSpeed report generated through JSitemap Pro you can identify potential issues that affect the performance of your pages and could cause penalties in the ranking of the entire website.
Moreover if you are interested in a tool to fix issues and speed up your website, we have the solution for you: visit JSpeed for more informations.
Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard™
Using the Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard™ of JSitemap Pro now you can finally instruct Google and search engines about the exact title and description that you want to be shown in search results for each page of your site contained in the sitemap! You can also control in a breeze which links should not be indexed by search engines. Moreover the title, description and image specified will work even for socials when your pages are shared because it uses the Open Graph protocol. Let's go, take control of your contents!
As of 2019 Google states that it's no more enough to take into account the number of characters but the real pixel width of both title and description for mobile or desktop devices respectively. For this reason the Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard™ has an extremely powerful system that instantly calculates the pixel width of values entered both for mobile and desktop SERPs. It's also capable to self-generate a meta description by an excerpt of a page.
SEO Spider and SEO Content Analysis™
The SEO Spider is an easy and handy tool so that everyone will be able to identify SEO issues and improvements required on the website at a glance.
The SEO Spider includes a powerful and innovative tool called SEO Content Analysis to perform a page analysis against a certain focus keyword and giving you hints and a page score to improve the ranking.
Additionally you can directly edit and override the most relevant headings tags H1, H2 and H3 and the canonical tag in just one click.
With this visual tool you can dramatically notice weaknesses of your pages and improve them to rank higher on search engines for the specific keyword you want to be found.
Opt-in for snippets and contents indexing
If you are in the European area after that Google has implemented the 'Europe’s new copyright law' that is already enforced in France, you could experience the loss of your snippets and indexed contents unless you provide an opt-in and have your snippet text, videos and images being displayed in SERP as usual. Thanks to JSitemap PRO you can force Google to fully show snippets for your website using a special robots directive.
Structured data generation for sitelinks, Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Schema
JSitemap Professional includes a special integration with Google Search based on specific structured data that makes it possible to integrate the Google Search directly with your Joomla! Search component. It's also capable to generate structured data for socials, Schema.org, Open Graph protocol and Twitter Cards.
Navigation and side tree
With JSitemap Pro you are not limited to a single sitemap shown in the main area of your site when the component is executed in the frontend, for example linking a menu item to the HTML sitemap. You can manage modules to take advantages of multiple sitemap layouts and use that for example to render a footer quick-navigation structure or a side tree menu. Using the JSitemap module you will be able to choose displacement of sitemaps on your site using modules and positions, and select specific settings for each module, for example to show only data from a certain data source, choose a particular layout, etc
Content replacement
JSitemap Pro includes a powerful system to replace text, HTML code and any content you need, quickly and easily on all website pages. It's possible to easily replace all instances of a word or phrase with a link to a specific page to improve internal links, fix a typo, or change a phrase across all website pages at once.
Integrated and assisted htaccess editor
An amazing feature of JSitemap Pro is the integrated editor of htaccess. Now you can avoid risks to break your site with wrong htaccess rules thanks to the integrated editor that uses versioning and htaccess restoration. Using the integrated editor of htaccess file you can add easily directives to manage 301 redirects and 404 pages. Everytime you add a new directive and save the htaccess file the versioning will be incremented for the current session, and you will be able to restore a previous version of the htaccess or even restore the initial htaccess file using editor buttons.

Price: 49.90 EUR