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TOPIC: [CLOSED]Re:Cannot Duplicate data sources
Hrvoje Znaor
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[CLOSED]Cannot Duplicate data sources for an RSS feed with selected categories 2 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 1  

1 I wonder how to duplicate or delete data sources because checkbox is missing.
Pls look at attached image.

I tested this in many JSM Pro 4.3.4 installations, it's missing in all.

2. How to generate RSS feed which contains only selected categories,
with some texts excluded, ordered by latest first?

Joomlas 3.7.2 or 3.7.3 - JSM Pro 4.3.4
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John Dagelmore
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[CLOSED]Re:Cannot Duplicate data sources 2 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 74  
Duplicated here:

After creating a second 'content' data source you can use it only for the RSS feed and exclude certain categories as you prefer. Having 2 'content' data sources allows you to use one for the regular XML sitemap but not for the RSS feed, and on the contrary use the other one that includes only a subset of categories for the RSS feed only. This is done through buttons to enable each data source for various formats:

As an alternative you can even use datasets to create multiple RSS feeds based on different data sources. To learn more about datasets usage refer to the PDF docs at the paragraph 'Datasets'.

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