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TOPIC: Duplicate Title Tags
Fresh Boarder
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Duplicate Title Tags 3 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 0  
I'm not sure if jsitemap is causing the issue, but I have duplicate title tags for some of my pages on Search console, and on the actual page; regardless if I changed the titles on each of the individual pages, menu items, and aliases. I am just looking for a solution for this. I am aware this is a duplicate post, but it has not been solved and jsitemap does not save the meta descriptions, so I am editing them manually. I am just checking to see what the issue is with the title tags mainly at this point.
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John Dagelmore
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Re:Duplicate Title Tags 3 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 75  
We discussed in the previous post: https://storejextensions.org/forum/view/10-jsitemap/7389-re-duplicate-title-tags-and-meta-descriptions-in-google-search-console.html

Obviously the issue is not caused by JSitemap, it doesn't generate duplicated title tags, it simply offers the Metainfo dashboard system to override them if needed, this is shortcut to solve quickly the problem of duplicated titles.
And the Metainfo Dashboard must save values that you enter them and click the 'Save' button, it's not possible that values are not saved to the database.

If you want to disable completely the Metainfo dashboard feature and test any change, you can unpublish the plugin 'System - JSitemap utilities'.

Other than this you could have other extensions installed that manage Joomla titles/descriptions.
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