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TOPIC: [CLOSED]Add itemprop="image" in Meta
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I have added some share buttons on my website. Everything works fine and the correct data is show as added in the "Search engines metainfo" panel. The og:image tag works fine for all share buttons except "WhatsApp". The Image don´t show up. Now i ask google for help and i found the solution, but i don´t know were to configure it.

Original Meta
<meta property="og:image" content="http://www.rhychi.com/images/event_images/rhyCHI_Events_herbstmarkt_3.jpg" />

Should BE
<meta property="og:image" itemprop="image" content="http://www.rhychi.com/images/event_images/rhyCHI_Events_herbstmarkt_3.jpg" />

Any Ideas...???

One more question Is there a way to add "property="og:type" in the meta info?
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