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TOPIC: Re:Community Builder
Lurie Michael
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I try to setup Community Builder and JChatSocial Enterprise. So far I can see the avatars from CB. Is this all JChat can do ?

Is there a possiblity to link to profile page ?
Or send an email message to the person ?
Or start the cam-chat from private-messages form ?

That's waht I'd call "connection" to CB

Besides: Are there an possibilities to filter the users list shown ? For example: Only online users or women or..

Thanks in advance
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John Dagelmore
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Hi Michael,

the integration covers 3 aspects:

1. Avatars pulled from CB
2. Link to profile page of CB when clicking in the chatbox top user name
3. Filtering of the chat userlist based on CB friendship

The live chat users list is by default filter only for online users. Sex based filtering is not available.

Private messaging integration is available between JChatSocial and JomSocial/EasySocial, not CB

All other kind of integrations like starting a chat or a cam chat from CB would require a reverse integration between CB->JChat

Best regards
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