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TOPIC: Joomla Secrets Conference coming up!
John Dagelmore
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We would like to share the news about some great event with you.

It will be the online conference " Effective Website’s Secrets on Joomla! How to improve website’s quality and raise its profitability ".

Sign up! http://joomla-secrets.ru/conference/

And you will get valuable gifts immediately after registration!

The online conference «Effective Website’s Secrets on Joomla! How to improve website’s quality and raise its profitability» will take place on 9th and 10th April.

What value of this online conference is:
1. You will learn how to create really effective websites on Joomla!
2. You will see actual examples of successful online projects created on the CMS Joomla!
3. You will learn the secrets that will improve your own website and bring it to a new level.
In addition, all event participants will receive valuable gifts from the speakers and partners:
1. Gifts from the speakers. There are valuable educational materials, which are not freely available anywhere else;
2. Gifts from partners. There are huge discounts on the best extensions and services
The event format:
-12:00 hours live broadcast with the best market experts;
- 16 reports with practical case studies, recommendations and answers to questions.
Additional details:
Event organizer is a portal of the Joomla Secrets
All you need is just signing up on the website to become a member of the conference and connect to the broadcast on April 9 at 11:30 Moscow time.
Each guest of the conference will get videos of all reports and speaker presentations after the conference.
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