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TOPIC: Re:List-Style-Problem
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Hi there,

i have recently purchased responsivizer. I detect some problem with it showing list element :
As you can see to the 1st picture, this is the startpage , which looks ok and seems to be have no problem. My problems are :

1) The 2nd picture shows the menu. You will find there dotted list which actually not appear. I also have tried to normally in other way to put the code " list-style-type: none", but it doenst work for this case.

* I also have checked the homepage in firefox and IE browser and it looks good as you can see the on the 4th picture , whis has no dotted list style.

2) I also fine the similar problem in my other main menu. Please see 3rd picture and you will see there the list style are shown not correct too.

Any idea how to solve this problem ?

thank you.
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John Dagelmore
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Hi there,

i haven't your website links so i can't check HTML and CSS styles, however try to override styles correclty because probably you have some styles somewhere setting dotted lists.

Use the !important directive to be sure to override styles, and try with:

  • background:none;

  • margin-left:0;

  • margin-right:0;

Also check the file root/templates/responsivizer/css/main.css it must contain the following stylesheet:

ul {
list-style: none;

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