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Problem with backgroundcolor (1 viewing) 
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TOPIC: Problem with backgroundcolor
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hi there,

I have a problem background color, which actually NOT shown behind the heading.

As you can see to the 1st picture is shown through device emulater. It shows a logo with red background. ( please note that i dont put any menu or anything o the posisition of responivizer_menu_top and also NO associations is given. But i just wonder that the emulator shows me like that.

The result on mobile is just look like the 2nd picture. And with my fireox or IE browser looks just like the 3rd picture.

What i actually want is : it should has no background color on the heading. But it appears itself.

Any idea to fix it ? thank you
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John Dagelmore
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hi again,

i've great difficulties to understand your question and screenshots that seem quite unrelated.
The device emulator must show exactly the same as a mobile device. Tha background color is set based on the 'colors' tab in the component config, by default it's blue.

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