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TOPIC: Re:Force Responsivizer template
Hills Web Design
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My site was built using a responsive template, but there were problems with it so I installed resposivizer and it works well but with issues.

For some users on mobile devices they still see the wrong template, they see the original responsive template that has problems and NOT the responsivizer template.

I need to be able to force the use of responsivizer template for all mobile devices.

Where and how is mobile detection made ? I guess it is the plugin "Template Switcher" ?

Still my problem remains, on some devices the responsivizer template is not being shown.

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John Dagelmore
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Hi Greg,

the mobile detection is done in the System Template Switcher plugin, but unless there are some other plugins or extension doing weird detection it works on every mobile device.

What you can try to do is the following:

1. Ensure that the template switching is enabled
2. Ensure that the 'Include tablets' option is enabled
3. Order correctly the plugins as reported in the PDF docs
4. Clear all cookies on devices used to test it
5. Investigate if there are any other extensions installed doing the same thing

Best regards
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