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TOPIC: Template Switching
Greg Tibbetts
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I bought responsivizer so I can have a mobile friendly version of my mom's site. I am assuming that if I want to use the same design for mobile as I do for desktop I strip down one of the mobile themes and redesign the theme with her current desktop design. I set a default mobile theme and then went to the site with a mobile phone emulator on mobiletest.me and the mobile theme is not showing up. I was thinking that I would get it to show one of your mobile themes and redo the theme so it looks like her desktop site. Can anyone tell me why the mobile theme is not showing up on mobile devices.

Here is a link to her site.

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John Dagelmore
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you have to leave default settings and 'Default - Responsivizer template' as the mobile layout.

That's expected if you use services such as mobiletest.me, screenfly, etc

They are not services that emulates a real mobile device so obviously they won't return the mobile version. They simply shows the desktop website inside a browser iframe.

Use the integrated device emulator or the Google Chrome emulator in the DevTools.
Take care to have correctly configured the component, the template switcher must be enabled and active, all other extensions managing mobile if any must be turned off, all the caches, cache plugins, plugins such as JCH Optimize, etc must be turned off.


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