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TOPIC: Site is super slow
Fresh Boarder
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When opening Easyblog on the front end and JRealtime Analytics in the back office, the page load times are extraordinarly long.

The front end link to JRealtime Analytics no longer loads.

Unfortunately, due to whitelisting, I'm unable to provide access to the back end.

Please can you suggest some things to look for.

I've looked at article:

There is no option for 1% in the Front end server load and Back end server load drop downs. The lowest is 20%.
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John Dagelmore
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when you open JRealtime in the backend it consume resources only if you use the Realtime Stats. For any other feature it doesn't consume resources. If i'm right, even Easyblog has a data stream that could consume resources in frontend.

Refer to this FAQ:
where it's already explained almost everything.

If you have not 1%, you have to:

- Download again the latest package from your reserved area
- Install it again
- Clear the Joomla cache

If you set 1% as a server load, it means that JRealtime will consume almost zero resources. Thus if you still experiment high page load time probably there is another reason.
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