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TOPIC: Multiple versions for download
CitrusKiwi Web Solutions LLC
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Multiple versions for download 3 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0  
Hey John

The more I use Joomla the more I gravitate towards just a few good developers. Here I am back on your site!

I have choral group client who wants to sell their music byt track. Each track has a 30 second demo (not for sale) which visitors can listen to - will probably use a simple plugin to play that. But they want to sell a cheaper Low Quality MP3, as well as a High Quality MP3 for a different price.

Is it possible to have both these on one product page? Or do I need to make a fork earlier on, so that visitors go to either the LQ or HQ section?

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Multiple versions for download
CitrusKiwi Web Solutions LLC 2016/09/15 01:10
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John Dagelmore 2016/09/15 14:49
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