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Class 'ContentHelperAssociation' not found (1 viewing) 
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TOPIC: Class 'ContentHelperAssociation' not found
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I used Instant Paypal Pro Shop earlier and it was great. Recently I uploaded to Joomla 3.7.. When I click on shop link on the page, it writes following: Class 'ContentHelperAssociation' not found . What is wrong and how to fix it?
Thank you a lot for your help.
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John Dagelmore
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Re:Class 'ContentHelperAssociation' not found Karma: 78  

i don't know but that error is not part of Instant Paypal Pro. The class 'ContentHelperAssociation' is part of the core Joomla content component.

Probably you have a weird conflict/bug on Joomla or issue during the upgrade to Joomla 3.7, indirectly affecting the shop page.

You may be interested to check these forums:



Best regards
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