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Chatroom without public chat? (1 viewing) 
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TOPIC: Chatroom without public chat?
Zahm & Zornig Werbeagentur
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Thanxs for this great extension! It works very well.
There is one point I canīt solve in the configuration: I like to use chatrooms without the public chat feature. Actually someone post a message in the public chat and everyone who is online get the message. I donīt want this public chat. if someone likes to chat with a group of people, he has to join a chatroom. People who just like to check there account feel disturb with this "unannounced" massages in the public chat (itīs a little bit like a shoutbox).
Can I deactivate the public chat without loosing the chatroom button?

Thank you!
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Chatroom without public chat?
Zahm & Zornig Werbeagentur
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John Dagelmore
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