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TOPIC: Re:Link to open GDPR banner
John Dagelmore
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this is not part of the component, the cookie toolbar is fully managed by javascript and has nothing to do with links.

When the revocable option is enabled, the cookie toolbar can be opened using the cookie tab that is always visible.

Only thing you can do is use a link to trigger the toolbar javascript as below:


<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="jQuery('div.cc-revoke').trigger('click');">Open cookie toolbar</a>
Probably you will need to disable the Joomla editor to place this code into the Cookie Policy article. Notice that you need to keep enabled the revocable option anyway, if you want to get rid of the tab use CSS insteadas in the following snippet:

div.cc-revoke{display:none !important}
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John Dagelmore
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