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Community Builder integration GDPR (1 viewing) 
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TOPIC: Community Builder integration GDPR
Stephen Hoglund
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Hello I have a problem with GDPR and integration with CB (Community Builder). Upon registration, the privacy policy check box appears as ishould. In the user's profile editing page, it's not shown. This means that if I set the option to block all (old) users who have not given their consent, I'll get this error: "the page redirects incorrectly Firefox has detected that the server directs request for this location in a way that makes it impossible to complete. This issue may occasionally occur if you disabled or refused to receive cookies." In GDPR, under the "Privacy policy checkbox" tab, the "Block users without privacy policy consent" option has set To YES In the "Advance settings" tab, the settings for "Integration with third-party extensions" I've marked "Community Builder" Have I misunderstood something here? What settings need to be made for this to work?
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Community Builder integration GDPR
Stephen Hoglund
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