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Acymailing mandatory checkbox (1 viewing) 
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TOPIC: Acymailing mandatory checkbox
John Dagelmore
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If you are using the Acymailing module integrated with GDPR checkbox and you are not able to make the privacy checkbox a mandatory field, you must configure the GDPR as in the image below:

However you may receive the message 'Please enable the Javascript to be able to subscribe' when submitting the form, as reported in the Acymailing forum: https://www.acyba.com/forum/5-acymailing-how-to/69873-hide-message-please-enable-the-javascript-to-be-able-to-subscribe.html

In such case you must setup a template override for the Acymailing module and change the default value of the 'task' hidden field from 'notask' to 'optin' as in the image below:
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Acymailing mandatory checkbox
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