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A few questions (WordPress) (1 viewing) 
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TOPIC: A few questions (WordPress)
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Awesome plugin, we really like it!

A few questions though...

1.- is there a way to display the toolbar selectively? posts / pages / home / not home ?
2.- is there a shortcode to display the toolbar only in the pages the shortcode is included?
3.- for the play button shortcode, how to set the full text to screen-read? we added the button to a post and it only reads one paragraph, do we have to add a button to every paragraph?
4.- can the toolbar be placed vertically on either side of the web page?
5.- how to create a custom toolbar template?
6.- the minimized toolbar parameter is not working properly, always displays the toolbar fully opened, any suggestions?
7.- could the toolbar toggle open/close by clicking on the icon

I guess those are all the questions we have so far...


SR 3.15
WP 4.7.4
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John Dagelmore
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Thank you!

About your questions:

1. No, you have to use CSS to hide it if you find a way to manage that in WP
2. No
3. It reads the contents of the immediately parent html tag element. So add the play button shortcode accordingly
4. no
5. There is the custom template option that allows you to choose custom colors. Other than this you have to work on custom CSS overrides
6. No idea, maybe you have a javascript/jquery issue
7. This is exactly how it works

Best regards


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