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A few questions (WordPress) (1 viewing) 
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TOPIC: A few questions (WordPress)
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Awesome plugin, we really like it!

A few questions though...

1.- is there a way to display the toolbar selectively? posts / pages / home / not home ?
2.- is there a shortcode to display the toolbar only in the pages the shortcode is included?
3.- for the play button shortcode, how to set the full text to screen-read? we added the button to a post and it only reads one paragraph, do we have to add a button to every paragraph?
4.- can the toolbar be placed vertically on either side of the web page?
5.- how to create a custom toolbar template?
6.- the minimized toolbar parameter is not working properly, always displays the toolbar fully opened, any suggestions?
7.- could the toolbar toggle open/close by clicking on the icon

I guess those are all the questions we have so far...


SR 3.15
WP 4.7.4
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